green cash

Earn More (Green) Cash for Your Business

From “paper or plastic?” to different shaded refuse receptacles, individuals receive daily prompts to go green. If you thought that the green revolution stopped at your doorstep, think again.

From tapping in to the incredibly loyal green consumer market and getting more out of green-friendly office equipment to cashing in on some pretty sweet tax deals, businesses are practically growing their own money tree by going green.

The Power of PR
Let’s face it, the green movement is one that really tugs at the heartstrings. That’s not meant as a slight at all. While going green is indeed the proverbial “right thing to do,” businesses are rarely seen as having heart.

A business seen as making an effort to go green is quickly viewed as being aligned with something more than our spending habits. Rather, that business is seen as actually having a conscious as well as a bottom line.

There are few issues out there that unite us all, business and human alike, quite like the way going green does. The benefit to the business is customer loyalty. That’s something that businesses worldwide spend billions and billions trying to earn. The fact that it can be garnered by a simple change in business principle is nothing to sneeze at.

When you make the decision to go green with your company, shout it from the rooftops. Don’t assume that everyone will eventually find out, because they won’t. Include the words “eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, etc.” in all business descriptions.

Meaningful $avings
A business’s decision to go green need not be an expensive and convoluted affair. In fact, that’s one of the best reasons to adopt a green policy. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Embrace the digital age! Pay all bills online, avoid unnecessary printing of things like meeting agendas and emails (the “e” in email stands for “electronic”!) buy recycled paper and recycle your own paper
  • Unplug office machinery when turned off
  • Invest in LED or fluorescent lighting
  • Go easy on the air conditioning, especially in the height of summer
  • Place recycling bins throughout the office and initiate fun ways to celebrate recycling (party for which department recycles the most is a good start)

All of these suggestions may look small individually, but when done collectively, the difference you’ll see in your ledger will be huge.

Healthy Workplace
The costs associated with employee insurance can be among the most significant expenditures forked over by a company. Promoting a healthier workplace can easily result in less sick days taken by employees and less medical claims.

For Once, The Government is On Your Side
Government officials are not stupid. They see the benefits of going green. Perhaps even more impactful, they see the popularity of being green, and they want to be on the winning team.

As such, there are numerous tax incentives to take the eco plunge. Whether it’s in the form of a lump sum or reduced tax rate, the government clearly sees going green as a benefit to us all.

Get With The Program
Whether you were an eco-believer in the beginning or not, it’s fairly obvious that the green movement is not a fad. And that’s a good thing because, as we said just a few minutes ago, it’s simply “the right thing to do.”