Save Big with Solar Energy

If you haven’t hopped aboard the solar energy bandwagon, what’s taking you so long? The economy isn’t exactly booming right now, so surely you could use a bit of extra dosh in your account. That’s right; deciding to go solar can be strictly self-centered and still benefit us all. Solar energy really is a win-win for us all.

How Going Solar Improves Your Lifestyle
Do you really enjoy the utility companies greedily reaching with both fists deeply into your account each month for a service priced grossly out of proportion? Go solar, and enjoy absolutely free power. Even if you decide to keep the utility company’s services, their grip on your account will be loosened significantly by your solar system.

Why not use that saved cash for what it was meant for; ditching the fast-food joints for fine dining and nights on the town.

Take the Guess Work Out of Your Monthly Bills
Utility rates that go down are almost guaranteed to go right back up. Is there a ceiling for utility costs? Nope. That’s why there’s no way possible for you to know with certainty what your costs will be from month to month.

By going solar, your energy costs, and savings, are locked in.

Get Paid to Go Solar
While most things in life aren’t free, solar energy is. In fact, financial incentives for going solar are all around us. Governments at the federal and local levels are trying their best to nudge you into embracing solar. Rebates, low-interest loans, tax credits and more are their way of showing their sunny disposition.

Your lips may be saying “no” but your bank account is saying “yes.”

Spread the Wealth Around
When you go solar, your energy source is not shipped in from a country on the other side of the world. At 92 million miles away, the sun is definitely a bit out of reach for the most advanced oil rig, but it’s delivered at the speed of light.

While there may not be any oil company employees who live in your neighborhood, solar energy has a proven to be a job market with a significant upward curve. In the United States alone, census information showed that the solar energy job market had increased by more than 13% in 2013.

Protect Your Investment
Your home is among the most costly investments you’ll make in your lifetime. A study by the U.S. Department of Energy ( found that solar panels could add up to $15,000 to your home. You’ll never settle for another Big Mac in your life with those kinds of savings!