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Earn More (Green) Cash for Your Business

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From “paper or plastic?” to different shaded refuse receptacles, individuals receive daily prompts to go green. If you thought that the green revolution stopped at your doorstep, think again. From tapping in to the incredibly loyal green consumer market and getting more out of green-friendly office equipment to cashing in on some pretty sweet taxContinue Reading

Save Big with Solar Energy

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If you haven’t hopped aboard the solar energy bandwagon, what’s taking you so long? The economy isn’t exactly booming right now, so surely you could use a bit of extra dosh in your account. That’s right; deciding to go solar can be strictly self-centered and still benefit us all. Solar energy really is a win-winContinue Reading

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The Solar Revolution

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Isn’t it time you joined? In north west India a farmer points to a solar-powered pump and panels on the roof of his family home.“Because of these solar pumps,” he says, “I have a good harvest every year and earn enough to even educate my children, something I never thought would be possible.” In Australia,Continue Reading

Low initial investment

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Many homeowners assume that solar panels would be far beyond their price range, but the cost of solar panels has drop significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to do so. Solar panel installer also offer financing options as well as leasing options. Leasing is an attractive offer for many families, because in manyContinue Reading

Solar Energy for Greener Living

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Generating your own electricity by converting energy from the sun reduces your use of fossil fuels, thereby reducing your carbon footprint and the overall warming of the planet. What are fossil fuels? Fossil fuels are fuels that are formed from anaerobic decomposition of organisms, which form into coal or oil. Fossil fuels are a limited resource,Continue Reading

Long-Term Savings

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Significantly reduce your electric bills Exactly how much your solar panels will save you on electric bills depends on a variety of variables.  How large your solar power system is compared to your overall electricity usage is the main variable. You will also need to consider that each city has a different price tag for electricContinue Reading